City Parks and Beaches closed on Easter Weekend

Oxnard– As Oxnard moves toward protecting the public, City Manager Alex Nguyen gave a detailed report about how the city will move forward. BESIDES the social distancing protocols in place, Nguyen also gave a grim fiscal picture for the city and hopes the state or federal government will help. Police Chief Scott Whitney told the television crowd and the council […]

City reapproves Rio Urbana planning permit changes

Oxnard– The Oxnard City Council reapproved planning and zoning planning and zoning permit 17-610-01 annexation, to include local agency formation commission LAFCO requested language, April 8. The project has a 15,000 square foot office building and 167 residential units for sale over nine buildings filed by Rio School District in Oxnard and the Pacific Companies in Idaho. The council’s approval […]

Council approves Housing Authority’s five-year and annual planCity

Oxnard–The Oxnard City Council approved the Five-Year Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan, Annual Agency Plan, and Capital Fund Program (CFP) Five- Year Action Plan for Low Rent Public Housing on April 7. The item is not complete, however, as the adopted form will return to the Housing and Economic Development Committee for further discussion and will be amended by the […]

Is helping the homeless a myth?

Frosted Thoughts

Oxnard– Let’s take a minute to discuss an important issue that has not gone away because of the Coronavirus. LET’S talk about the homeless for a minute. When this Coronavirus first appeared in Ventura County, I asked some elected officials how the county would keep them safe, and you can read stories about members of the homeless being sheltered at […]

The mettle of the better angels of our nature is being tested

Dispatches from Dystopia

So like most of the world, I got laid off from a couple of part-time gigs in the last few weeks. Finally! I made the headlines, and not for any of the reasons my parents had predicted. (Point goes to L Ron!) YOU know how it is. Everything is just a story in the paper; tch tch tch and turn […]