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Participants showed their conservative pride at the Trump 2020 Channel Islands Harbor Boat Parade. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, October 8, 2020

By Chris Frost




Oxnard-- Channel Island Harbor was packed, Oct 3, as the Trump 2020 Channel Islands Harbor Boat Parade was a red, white, and blue celebration of conservative American values.


The event, sponsored by the We have Rights Corporation, wanted to take some time as the country sits 30 days from election day to "protect their home."


As promised, the crowd got loud and proud as many screamed, four more years. According to the organization's Facebook page, it was the largest boat parade in Channel Islands Harbor history.


Boats in the harbor were decorated in Trump 2020 swag, and the well-behaved crowd at the harbor and on Channel Islands Blvd Bridge all had a great time.


Mark Meyer enthusiastically supports Donald Trump.


"He's the best president we've ever had," he said. "I'm flabbergasted this is happening in Southern California since this is such a liberal state. If Trump would have come out here and done some rallies, he could have taken the state."


Cole Meyer accompanied his dad to the parade, and he loves Trump.


"Since 2016, I'm ready to vote in this election," he said. "I'm a big Donald Trump supporter. When I think of the Constitution and how our rights are being taken away by Governor Gavin Newsome, he's ripping our country apart with climate change and all that. He thinks about himself and his own kids."


He wishes the president a speedy recovery from Covid-19.


"I think Melania is the best first lady ever," he said.


 Mark said he's proud to attend the event with his kids.


"All my kids vote Republican," he said.


Darren Ranck came to the event outfitted in a Rush Limbaugh t-shirt.


"I think more of the silent majority is coming out to show what this country is all about," he said. "For too long, we see these activists on television and the awful stuff that goes on. Now, we're starting to see what the true America is all about. It's having fun, supporting our president, and supporting our country."


He called Joe Biden a crook who's part of the deep state.


"He is the epitome of Washington's corruption," he said. "When you contrast that with Trump, who's an outsider who puts the American people's interest first, there is such a huge contrast in the selection."


Bob Reilly brought a sign that said no more BS from Biden.


"Trump was elected to clean up the swamp, and that's exactly what he's getting at," he said. "He's cleaning it up. I'm personally insulted by Joe Biden, saying that he's from Scranton, PA. I'm from Scranton, and he's certainly not representing the working class. I think a vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris. We know what she's like from her time here."


He was comfortable, although he attended the parade in a Democratic stronghold.


"It's unfortunate," he said. "Almost every office in the state is filled by a Democrat. If you vote for a Democrat, it's almost like you are throwing your vote away. If you know the outcome ahead of time, what else can you do?"


Karen Reilly said in today's political environment Republicans are more accepting than Democrats.


"Democrats are safer at a Trump rally that a Republican would be a Democratic rally," she said.  "Bob and I agree, politically. My Great Great Great Great Grandfather, Robert Morris, signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I have a vested interest in our freedom. He financed the war."


Bob wishes Trump all the best as he recovers from Covid-19.


"The doctors say it's going well," he said. "Hopefully, they're right."


I'm praying for him," Karen said.


One attendee who did not wish to be identified said he supports everything Trump does and wishes him well as he recovers from Covid-19.


"I think he'll recover and do a lot better," he said.