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The end of all nonsense and other practical jokes
1/30/2019 11:57:31 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   When it comes to practical jokes, Yours Truly is always on the ready. Throughout my earthly passage, I have perpetuated my share of practical jokes. I will not enumerate them here, the simple reason being, I might want to bring one out of retirement. I must say that most practical jokes are neither practical nor funny. However, I operate on the biblical premise, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones" (Proverbs 17:22). With the high cost of medicine these days, I will take a merry heart every time....

Elected Enemies—The Government Shutdown That’s Crippling America
1/25/2019 9:07:34 PM

By Jeffrey L. Boney   Imagine having to choose between paying your mortgage and picking up the much-needed prescription for your health crisis because the job you report to and the federal resources you have relied on to live day to day are no longer available to you because of things beyond your control. Choices like those, and many others, are exactly what approximately 800,000 federal employees, roughly 4 million federal government contractors and countless low-income families — who rely on the federal government assistance — have had to deal with since the...

The Annual Whitewashing of Martin Luther King Jr.
1/25/2019 9:04:40 PM

By Wim Laven   Every year I ask myself questions about the shameful exploitation of Martin Luther King Jr.—why do Americans love to disgrace his message so much? Why is it so popular that we see it year after year? Remember last year? Trump was talking about "s@!#hole countries" while tweeting “I encourage all Americans to observe this day with appropriate civic, community, and service activities in honor of Dr. King’s life and legacy.” What is to stop longtime racists like Rep. Steve King from copying and pasting a quick quote into their...

USC: Leaky Brain Capillaries Portend Alzheimer's
1/25/2019 9:03:07 PM

By Staff Reports   LOS ANGELES (CNS)—Leaky capillaries in the brain portend early onset of Alzheimer's disease as they signal cognitive impairment before hallmark toxic proteins appear, according to a USC research study released Monday. The findings, which appear in the current issue of Nature Medicine, could help with earlier diagnosis and suggest new targets for drugs that could slow down or prevent the onset of the disease, according to the researchers. The number of Americans with Alzheimer's is expected to more than double to about 14 million in 40...

Remembering Lucy Durr Hackney
1/17/2019 9:48:50 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman   When Lucy Durr married Sheldon Hackney in 1957, the custom alterations to her beautiful gown were done for her by a family friend—Mrs. Rosa Parks. This wonderful detail opens a small window into my dear friend and former Children’s Defense Fund board and volunteer staff member Lucy Durr Hackney’s extraordinary life. Lucy, who passed away last October at age 81, was the daughter of civil rights activists Virginia and Clifford Durr and niece of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black. She followed her family’s staunch commitment...

Award-winning actress Regina King speaks her mind about sleeper hit ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’
1/17/2019 9:47:30 PM

Written by Stacy M. Brown   At 7 p.m. Central time last Wednesday, I was in full-listen mode as King – fresh from her Golden-Globe winning evening – talked about her role in “If Beale Street Could Talk” with more than a thousand faith leaders, community activists, sororities and fraternities and African-American news outlets on the line. Regina King makes it easy to say “yes” to an assignment editor’s request for a reporter to join in on a national conference call and listen to an actress talk about her role in a movie. I had...

Trump Attorney General nominee Bill Barr: Swamp master or destroyer?
1/17/2019 9:42:54 PM

By Richard Manning   As originally published at Foxnews.com.   Will Democrats find a way to obstruct his confirmation or will it be smooth sailing? GOP strategist Chris Turner weighs in.   The Senate Judiciary Committee opens its confirmation hearing Tuesday for former Attorney General William Barr to become attorney general again.   Is there no one eligible to become the next attorney general who doesn't have a more than 25-year personal relationship with Special Counsel Robert Mueller?   Mueller is investigating whether...

I Thought but Then I Unthought
1/10/2019 9:38:58 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   Looking back over my life I honestly can say, giving it a great deal of thought, the biggest problem I have is when I actually think. Thinking can get me into more trouble than anything else I do. This was no more evident than recently we got a phone call from the bank. I hate it when the bank calls because they never call to wish me happy birthday or wonder how in the world I am doing today. They always have an agenda. Usually, that agenda has to do with my money. When I answered the phone all I could say was, “Here we go...

L.A.’s Hughley Brings ‘the Funny’ to IMPROV
12/31/2018 3:52:06 PM

By M.P. Stone   D.L. Hughley truly did “bring it” this past weekend at the Addison Improv and he brought four more of the funniest men on the planet with him. It was non-stop, wall to wall, head-shaking, hands in the air, gut-busting laughter in the house from the moment the first “warm-up” comedian stepped onto the stage until Hughley stepped off. The set started off with Aziz Ansari, who tag-teamed with Clint Cooley, Jay Phillips and then Bo Dacious as they each took turns priming up the audience’s funny bone to receive the incomparable,...

After a Decade of Dormancy, Chaka Khan Blooms Again
12/31/2018 3:50:38 PM

By Mike Cidoni Lennox   PASADENA (AP)—If Chaka Khan were a flower, she'd be a perennial. “Because I go dormant and then I...” Khan stops and gracefully lifts her arms together, then slowly brings her hands apart, like a tulip emerging in spring. “I've done it many, many times,” explained the singer, perhaps best known for her multimillion selling 1984 cover of Prince's “I Feel For You.” On the brink of her first new album in a decade, and, on New Year's Day, serving as grand marshal at the Rose Parade, Chaka...