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Sensory loss can lead to isolation and depression
4/17/2020 10:57:31 AM

By Jimmy Sailors   DOTHAN, Ala. (AP)—Caring for a 101-year-old man who's deaf and almost totally blind takes patience and understanding. It's the kind of work Nancy Griffin finds rewarding. As one of the caregivers with Wiregrass Area Home Instead Senior Care looking after the man and his wife, Griffin sees the challenges people with sensory loss face. She also recognizes that creating a supportive environment to help them live a fulfilling life is vital. “To see how they enjoy each other every day, it makes your heart smile,” Griffin...

A rebel and his laptop
4/16/2020 9:27:27 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- Maybe I'm spending too much time in front of the television, but the more I watch the news, the more outraged I become watching the media play gotcha with Donald Trump.   In case you forgot, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we don't have time for this nonsense. When this is over, I'm sure there will be a time to evaluate the response, and I think it should be an independent commission. I'm sure that President Trump will admit in the end that there are things he could have done better. That's...

Dispatches from Dystopia - The mettle of the better angels of our nature is being tested
4/9/2020 4:08:05 PM

So like most of the world, I got laid off from a couple of part-time gigs in the last few weeks. Finally! I made the headlines, and not for any of the reasons my parents had predicted. (Point goes to L Ron!) You know how it is. Everything is just a story in the paper; tch tch tch and turn the page… until it affects you. Then that random news item becomes mighty real, mighty tactile, mighty fast. George Carlin nailed the phenomenon perfectly. Cleaned up for a family publication, he said, “You ever notice how other peoples’ stuff is [poop], but your [poop] is...

Do not fall victim to a COVID-19 scam!
4/9/2020 4:05:55 PM

Beware of scammers trying to get your personal information or your COVID-19 Economic Impact Payment. WASHINGTON—The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin to distribute COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments in a matter of weeks. For most Americans, this will be a direct deposit into your bank account. For the unbanked, elderly or other groups that have traditionally received tax refunds via paper check, they will receive their economic impact payments in this manner as well. With any good news story from the IRS, comes an opportunity for criminals and scammers to take...

Nursing home infections, deaths surge amid lockdown measures
4/9/2020 4:01:50 PM

By Jim Mustian, Bernard Condon and Candice Choi   WASHINGTON—Nursing homes across the country have been in lockdown for weeks under federal orders to protect their frail, elderly residents from coronavirus, but a wave of deadly outbreaks nearly every day since suggests that the measures including a ban on visits and daily health screenings of staffers either came too late or were not rigorous enough. Recent outbreaks in Tennessee, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland have pushed the death toll at the nation's nursing homes to at least 450 and highlight...

Ailing couple gambles on trial for COVID-19 cure
4/9/2020 2:30:16 PM

Courtesy khn.org   SEATTLE—For 10 days last month, they lay in side-by-side isolation units in a Seattle-area hospital, tethered to oxygen and struggling to breathe as the coronavirus ravaged their lungs. After nearly 52 years of marriage, that was the hardest thing: being apart in this moment, too weak to care for each other, each alone with their anxiety and anguish. “I worried about my husband a lot,” recalled Josie Taylor, 74, who fell ill a few days before George, 76. “Yes, I was concerned about me, but I was more concerned about what was...

Is helping the homeless a myth?
4/8/2020 7:28:34 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- Let's take a minute to discuss an important issue that has not gone away because of the coronavirus.   Let's talk about the homeless for a minute. When this coronavirus first appeared in Ventura County, I asked some elected officials how the county would keep them safe. You can read stories about members of the homeless being sheltered at hotels to prevent an epidemic of people from this community adding to the pandemic. That's great, but it sure doesn't fix the big picture.   Finding a home...

TV viewership climbing with people stuck at home by virus
4/3/2020 3:44:15 PM

By David Bauder and Lynn Elber   NEW YORK (AP)—A fixture on television, actress Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” is doing the same thing as millions of other people during the widespread coronavirus shutdown. She's sitting at home, watching more television than she normally would. In a world turned upside down by disease, TV viewership is growing. It's a rare bit of good news for an industry that has steadily shrunk, and its executives hope to seize an opportunity by anticipating what a stressed audience wants to see. Bowen and her children...

Age is not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease
4/3/2020 3:36:38 PM

By Lauran Neergaard   WASHINGTON (AP)—Older people remain most at risk of dying as the new coronavirus continues its rampage around the globe, but they're far from the only ones vulnerable. One of many mysteries: Men seem to be faring worse than women. And as cases skyrocket in the U.S. and Europe, it's becoming more clear that how healthy you were before the pandemic began plays a key role in how you fare regardless of how old you are. The majority of people who get COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms. But “majority” doesn't mean...

Counties without coronavirus are mostly rural, poor
4/3/2020 3:35:24 PM

By Morgan Lee and Nicky Forster   SANTA FE, N.M. (AP)—As the coronavirus rages across the United States, mainly in large urban areas, more than a third of U.S. counties have yet to report a single positive test result for COVID-19 infections, an analysis by The Associated Press shows. Data compiled by John Hopkins University shows that 1,297 counties have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 out of 3,142 counties nationwide. Of the counties without positive tests, 85% are in rural areas—from predominantly white communities in Appalachia and the Great Plains to...