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  Sergeant Colin R. Frost (Photo by Chris Frost)

 Sergeant Colin R. Frost (Photo by Chris Frost)

Oxnard–The text finally arrived at long last, and my youngest son, Sergeant Colin R. Frost, is finally home from deployment in the Middle East.

IT’S hard to describe the feelings of pride and relief I feel after sitting idly by and watching my son be deployed to an undisclosed location that is less than safe. I know Colin encountered some challenges, but he is part of a great team and came through it like the champ he is. We have the best Military in the World; don’t forget that ever.

I’ll be honest; I always hoped he would pursue a different career, but he lives his life, and I support him 100 percent. I think back to 20 years ago when he worked hourly jobs, his hair was down to his backside, and he had no sense of direction.

I didn’t think the Military was a good choice for him because he didn’t like authority figures, but as it turns out, it was the best thing for him.

It’s funny how my longhaired son has very little hair left on his head, but he has a loving wife who waits for The Sarge to come home. He wanted to know if I’m okay, but I told him to spend time with his wife and enjoy being together. I’m proud of his course correction and his happy life.

Next up is a reunion later this year, and I’ll tell you, the house needs to be cleaner. So off to work, I cleaned, organized, and got old junk boxed or thrown away. It’s ironic how the old man in me has become a bizarre version of my Mother. I spent the day bouncing back and forth between newspaper deliveries, doing Publisher things, and cleaning the house.

It’s amazing how news like your son coming home can change your outlook on the day. I turned up the Rock n’ Roll from the 70s and rolled from stop to stop with a smile on my face.

It’s fitting how my first community event this week was the 805 Hero Walk hosted by Oxnard Police Department Com­munity Foun­dation. I stand with everyone who protects our community and country, and it makes me feel good to see pride flowing freely at such an event. The message is simple; remember those who gave their lives for our safety, and if you struggle emotionally, get the help you need. It’s okay to seek help.

I also took the time to visit the Cats and Crafts event at Cassie’s Cats and Kittens this weekend, and although I have no skills to do anything like that, It was a fun event that helps a lot of Cats.

Onward I roll. God Bless my beloved sons, The Sarge, and the First Responder, and always know how proud I am to be your Dad. They watch over me and keep me moving forward. They are the best part of my life, and I am grateful for them.

Have a wonderful week.

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