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Supply chain issues finally catch me

Chris Frost

Chris Frost

Oxnard– For the most part, my life is pretty mundane. While it is true that I have an atypical job, followed up with bookkeeping and assisting customers and clients, not a whole lot changes for me on a daily basis.

THEN it finally happens, and a warning light starts flashing on my car’s dashboard. I’m having an issue, and I can’t drive the car anymore. Yup, I’m grounded.

I struggle to get the car home, call the tow truck, and before long, it’s on its way to the repair shop, and a taxi is coming to my home to take me to the car rental office.

I get another car which is nice, although much larger than I’m used to, and onward I roll covering events, taking care of my house, wife, and dogs, and managing the Tri County Sentry.

Then the phone rang, and the repair shop tells me that due to supply chain issues, the parts that need to be replaced on my car are no longer available and the car needs to be junked.

I’m getting forced into buying a replacement car.

So here come the problems. Poor selection choices, my outright refusal to have three car payments, and the available cars are epically overpriced.

Combine this with the ridiculous grocery store prices, like $42 for dog food, so Daisy and Buddy will eat, and the J-Train and I are eating way less and losing weight because the prices are too high.

Combine that with a $75 trip to the gas station, which I am not used to because I drive an electric car, and now I’m hunting for a car while trying to cover stories. I won’t tell you what the J-Train thinks about the gas prices. She’s not as diplomatic as me, and, well, I’m not that diplomatic about buying foreign oil that is reportedly not as clean as U.S. Oil. Was I in the bathroom when we started hating the environment and buying dirty foreign oil? What did I miss?

I cover the events as best as I can, but I can’t be everywhere and do the paperwork associated with the Tri County Sentry at the same time.

That doesn’t mean I never get out there, that’s for sure, as one fun event was the car show down on A Street this past weekend. I love all the classic cars that look cool and obviously do well on the road. I also enjoy the car clubs that refer to themselves as family members. A healthy, functional family is essential.

I also attended the concert this weekend at Harbor View Park, and I attended Oxnard Recreation’s S8 night on top of the parking structure downtown. S8 night always makes me smile because I stink at rollerblading and have wiped out more times than I can mention, starting with rolling over my sixthgrade math teacher’s foot in elementary school and getting smacked because I couldn’t stop.

It’s fun to see the resurgence in Oxnard. Events are happening, the budget seems to be doing well, and the city is operating with a clear vision and is backed by the City Council. They’ve been together for a while now and are moving past learning curve moments. I get that because I’ve had plenty of learning curve moments in the last seven months. These improvements happen because they are becoming experienced council members, and they should be left to do their job and not be forced out by term limits, which I hear will be an issue this November. Let them rise and fall on their merits and not some imposed limit. If they can’t do the job, vote them out if you don’t like them, this is the United States, and you enjoy that right, but judge them on their work.

Have a great week!


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