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Johnson named County Executive Officer

County Executive Officer Dr. Sevet Johnson (Photo courtesy Ventura County)

County Executive Officer Dr. Sevet Johnson (Photo courtesy Ventura County)

During a special meeting Tuesday, August 2, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, by unanimous consent, named Interim County Executive Officer Dr. Sevet Johnson as its new Executive Officer (CEO).

THE offer is subject to final approval of an employment contract Tuesday, September 13, at the next Board of Supervisors meeting.

Johnson was named interim County Executive Officer Wednesday, March 23.

Chair Carmen Ramirez thanked the people who expressed interest and applied for the position and thanked Johnson for stepping up and accepting the offer of employment.

Supervisor Kelly Long thanked CPS Executive Recruitment Manager Pam Derby, who was part of the process and appreciated the open recruitment effort.

“It’s been a very valuable process for our county,” she said. “I want to welcome Dr. Sevet Johnson as our new CEO. I’ve enjoyed working with you. Through this interview process, I appreciate your leadership as an interim CEO. I look forward to working with you.”

Supervisor Matt LaVere noted that Derby is great to work with, and he’s worked with her twice.

“These things are always hard,” he said. “You meet and interview people with a lot of great strengths. I think everybody we met with had really diverse strengths. It’s always tough to make a decision, but I think Dr. Johnson has done an exceptional job, the last five months leading us through this transitory time. When I think about the future of Ventura County and where we want to go, I really see her as somebody who can shine in this role and guide us into this future.”

Supervisor Bob Huber thanked and welcomed Johnson on behalf of the fourth district.

“Dr. Johnson, you’ve done a great job as interim CEO, and I look forward to working with you as our new Executive Officer,” he said.

Supervisor Linda Parks also thanked Derby and all the people who applied for the CEO position and feels honored to vote on the Board’s historic decision.

“I think it breaks some glass ceilings,” Parks said. “I’m very happy to have such a fine candidate in Dr. Johnson. Knowing how well she performed in the last few months at a time was in need of someone just like her.”

Johnson thanked the members of the Board for the vote of confidence and said she does not take the responsibility lightly.

“I am absolutely honored to be able to work with you the past several months,” she said. “It is a true joy to know that I will be able to continue in that capacity. I want to thank you, Pam Derby, for your professionalism every step of the way. I look forward to working with our agency heads and our city partners, our community-based organizations, our education partners, business, and industry as we move the County of Ventura forward.”

Ramirez thanked all her colleagues and said it was a good process.

“I know we’re moving forward in our county, and I want to appreciate our county staff for their patience during this process,” she said.

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