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Lewis Road property named after Supervisor Linda Parks

Supervisor Linda Parks (Photo courtesy County of Ventura)

Supervisor Linda Parks (Photo courtesy County of Ventura)

Ventura– The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday, December 13, to name a park on the Lewis Road property after District Two Supervisor Linda Parks.

The item, brought forward by District Five Supervisor Vianey Lopez, did this because of Parks’ dedication, long service to the County, and her investment in the property.

Lopez said Parks worked hard supporting the Lewis Road complex and championed the Growing Works Nursery and the preparation of the facility master plan to guide the property’s future build-out.

“Before I came on the board, I heard about and learned about her work there,” Lopez said. “While this property is in the Fifth District, and given her dedication, I really would like to ask our board to consider this and support the growth and future development of this property.”

She said the Garden Park is about two acres.

“When it is completed, it will be an asset to everyone, especially those nearby,” she said. “We received letters of support from multiple people, Dr. Richard Yao, the now mayor of Camarillo, Susan vSantangelo, the CCI President, Assembly Member Steve Bennett, and the Executive Director of NAMI. A number of people have gotten behind this as appreciation for Supervisor Park’s time and service on the Board.”

Dr. Richard Yao, president of Cal State University Channel Islands, enthusiastically supports the name change and her work developing Growing Works Nursery.

“By naming this park in her honor, the County would preserve and celebrate her legacy as a strong advocate for both open space and mental health,” he said. “Thank you for your consideration.”

Supervisor Linda Parks thanked Lopez for bringing the item forward and said it’s nice to have a memory like that.

“Especially with the parks and wildlife and open space,” she said.

Board Chair Matt LaVere said the honor is absolutely fitting.

“I know Supervisor Parks has put so much of her time and energy into that part of Lewis Road,” LaVere said. “It’s because of her leadership that this park is going to become a reality. What a fitting tribute to name it in her honor, and I fully support it.”

After her vote, Parks thanked the Board and said it’s an amazing honor. The item has no Fiscal impact on the Board.

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